Meet our pharmacist

Learn about one of our foreign pharmacists and his experience with Apotek 1. Moving to a new country and learning a new language is exiting and offers many opportunities for personal and professional development.

Meet our pharmacist, Rafal

Name: Rafal Przybylski
Age: 26
Likes: Travel, cooking, coffee
Dislikes: Getting up early, warm beer, ironing
Favorite food: Penne with brie and salmon

In February 2010, a few months before I finished my master degree in Pharmacy, I met with Apotek 1 for an interview. They offered me a job as a pharmacist in one of their pharmacies, as well as a language course. It is important to learn Norwegian in order to communicate well with customers and colleagues.

My first meeting with Apotek 1 was a positive one. I was maybe a little anxious – as I was going to give a 30 minute presentation of myself, and I wanted to make a good impression. But thanks to Ghazaleh and Tone the atmosphere was good, and it turned out to be a very relaxed meeting. This was back in February 2010.

Today I work in Apotek 1 Heiane at Stord. The pharmacy is rather small with 6 employees. We all work towards the same goal; helping our customers in the best possible manner. We know that we increase customer satisfaction when we give good advice related to the use of our products; both prescription medication and OTC products. My work is in constant development. When I started working we used Pharmapro 4, today it´s Pharmapro 5 and as of May 2011 we started using e-prescriptions which I consider to be a fantastic move in the right direction.

Every day offers new customers and new challenge. A quotation from Konfucius describes my work at Apotek 1 perfectly “Chosse a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”.
To start with there were many things that were new to me; the location, laws and regulations, routines, my colleagues. But Apotek 1 has a good quality assurances system and training so that all employees are offered help and guidance to ensure professional and personal development.
I believe I have been lucky in life, getting the opportunity of working with fantastic people. Thanks to my colleagues I am looking forward to going to work every day. I have learnt a lot from them, and they have created a good working environment which is very important in order to cope with a busy day.
We spend a large part of our lives at work – more than 1500 hours a year – so obviously it is important that we are content.

I really enjoy working at Apotek 1 Heiane. After I have been here for two years, I can look for a position as a Pharmacy Store Manager, but for the time being my main objective is developing my skills in order to do an even better job as a pharmacist.