About Apotek 1

Apotek 1 is Norway's leading chain of pharmacies. At each of our pharmacy's it is our ambition to do the best for our customers. 

You'll find Apotek 1 all over Norway

More than any other, Apotek 1 is the advice giving pharmacy; easy to find and approachable. Apotek 1's primary goal is to highlight sensible health choices to create a better quality of life. We attach importance to personal service and to encourage our customers to take care of their own health. We trust that you will experience these key values when you visit our pharmacies and our website.

Apotek 1 is Norway's largest pharmacy chain with a market share of about 45 percent. 3000 dedicated employees work for us. With over 350 pharmacies scattered throughout the country's regions, and two wholesale warehouses, we are well positioned to continue this growth and offer our service and expertise to new customers and target groups in the whole of our long and narrow country. Our employees sell all types of prescription only and non prescription medicines, and also offer a wide range of quality assured health and well being products at competitive prices. At the same time we give well qualified guidance to our customers.

Apotek 1 and Apokjeden Distribusjon (medicine wholesaler) are part of Apotek 1 Gruppen AS.

Apotek 1 Gruppen is owned by german PHOENIX group.

Our vision

We highlight sensible health choices to create a better quality of life!