Competence development

Translated into English our slogan says “Our knowledge – your safety”. We aim to satisfy our customer´s needs in a safe manner and provide good quality care.

Illustration: Competence development

We can only achieve this if our customers are met by competent and reliable staff. This is why competence development is a cornerstone in our company.

We aim to maintain a high professional level in our pharmacies. Regular internal activities are therefore arranged to ensure professional and personal development among our employees. These activities constitute what we call the Apotek1 School:

  • Apotek 1 Days
    Twice a year. Professional input and social networking for Apotek 1 employees.
  • My competence plan
    Systematic competence mapping and individual development plans for all permanent employees.
  • Professional development
    A number of courses and seminars building pharmaceutical skills. E.g. professional in-depth seminars for pharmacists, e-learning, pharmacy news, and our annual focus area.
  • Sales training
    Sales training focusing on needs assessment, good quality customer care and professional counseling.
  • Local initiative
    Financial support for regional or local training or courses. Distributed twice a year.
  • Leadership training
    Four programs which aim to develop confident and independent leaders with a comprehensive understanding of the pharmacy trade.