This is an overview of who is part of the management group in Apotek 1 Gruppen AS.

Managing Director

Øyvind Winther

Øyvind Winther Øyvind Winther is once again the Managing Director of Apotek 1 Gruppen AS from December 2011.

Øyvind Winther has previously worked in Apotek 1, building the company from the beginning after deregulation of the pharmacy market in 2001, into being the market leader. In 2008, Mr. Winther joined as member of the Executive Board of PHOENIX group, and was responsible for the European Pharmacy Retail Activities. From 2010 until December 2011, Mr. Winther was the Managing Director of Expert Nordic group with the responsibility of more than 800 stores, and several ecommerce websites.

Mr. Øyvind Winther also holds experience from the commodities sector and has worked in chain operations at Hakon-Gruppen for more than 10 years. Øyvind Winther has an MBA in Business and Marketing from the Norwegian School of Management BI, Oslo.


Group Retail Director

Knut A. Colbjørnsen

Knut Arne ColbjørnsenKnut Arne Colbjørnsen has the overall responsibility for the operational, financial and pharmaceutical areas of the pharmacy operation in Apotek 1 Gruppen AS. He has been employed in the company since February 2002.

Knut A. Colbjørnsen has previously worked for four years in Hakon-Gruppen (1998-2002); latterly he was Regional Director with responsibility for the company's entire business in Northern Norway.

Knut Arne Colbjørnsen also worked for four years at Esso Norge where he was Sales Manager in the period 1994-1998 with regional responsibility for the industry and consumer market.

Knut Arne Colbjørnsen has a Diploma in Economics from the Norwegian School of Management BI.


Group Supply Chain Director

Simen Swanstrøm Helly-Hansen

Simen Swanstrøm Helly-HansenSimen Swanstrøm Helly-Hansen has the overall responsibility for the total group supply chain in Apotek 1 from manufacturer to final customer. Group Supply Chain includes procurement, category management, logistics, dose dispensing and automatic pharmacy replenishment. He has been employed in the company since 2007. Simen has had several roles in the company in procurement and category management of pharmaceuticals.

Simen has previously worked for Renault Nissan in the UK , focusing on purchasing, sales and retail development. Simen Swanstrøm Helly-Hansen is educated Master of Science in Management & International Business from A.U.T NZ and Bordeaux Business School, Phoenix European Management Development Program from Mannheim Business School as well as Executive Master courses in Innovation and strategic business development from B.I Norwegian Business School.



Director of project and business development

Roger Thoresen

Roger ThoresenRoger Thoresen has the responsibility for the project and business development department. He became employed in February 2002 as Head of Logistics and was Group logistics director from January 2006 to February 2017.

Roger Thoresen has previously been employed as Head of Logistics at Norske Hoechst, Rubicon Kosmetikk, Narvesen Distribusjon and Cerealia. Before this he was employed at Norsk Data og Linjegods, where he had various positions within finance and distribution. Roger Thoresen has been trained in Business Economics from the Norwegian School of Management BI, Oslo.



Chief Financial Officer

Tone Sandvik

Tone Sandvik

Tone Sandvik has the overall responsibility for the company's economic and financial position, including reporting, analysis and planning. She joined the company in April 2010.

Tone is a Certified Public Accountant and holds a Masters in Business Administration from the Norwegian School of Bergen / School of Bodø. She has worked as Group Controller in the company's finance department with responsibility for corporate reporting and the preparation of reports and analyzes to the owners and company executives, before she took over the parent for the finance department 1 March 2012.

Tone has worked as an auditor at PricewaterhouseCoopers in 5 years. In addition, she has experience from controller Selvaag Self-Storage AS and retail experience in ICA Norway group where she worked with accounting, tax and corporate reporting.


Director/General Counsel

Øystein Askim

Øystein AskimØystein Askim has the overall responsibility for the legal work in Apotek 1 Gruppen AS. He became employed in the company in June 2007.

Øystein Askim was educated as a cand.jur. (Master of Law) at the University of Oslo. He has previously worked for 9 years as a lawyer at the law firm Thommessen Krefting Greve Lund in Oslo.




IT Director

Karl Magnus von Krogh

Karl Magnus von Krogh

Karl Magnus von Krogh has the overall responsibility for IT in Apotek 1 Gruppen AS. The IT department develops, manages and operates the company’s IT applications, as well as develops new solutions to provide support for a growing digital demand.

Karl Magnus has a Master of Science from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. He worked previously as IT executive for 9 years in Posten Norge AS (Norway Post), with responsibility for all IT development in the Norwegian divisions of the Posten group. Karl Magnus also has experience from consulting – 10 years in Accenture and three years in Oracle Norway.



Staff and HR Director

Olav Haraldseid

Olav Haraldseid has the overall responsibility for HR, Professional Services and Legal departements in Apotek 1 Gruppen. He became employed in the company in September 2016.

He previously worked as HR Director in NorgesGruppen ASA (2011-2015), Statoil ASA (2008-2011) and Statoil Fuel & Retail (2000-2008).

Olav has a Masters degree from Norwegian School of Sport Sciences (NIH) with specialization in sports psychology, and has worked as training manager for Hakon-Gruppen.




Director of Quality and Professional Services (Pharmaceutical Practice)

Ellen Karine Ous

Ellen Karine OusEllen Karine Ous is overall responsible for the company's professional services (pharmaceutical practice), quality management, training and communication.

She has been employed in the company since 2001, and has worked in different positions related to quality and pharmaceutical matters.

Ellen Karine Ous has a Masters of Pharmacy from the University of Oslo. She is also certified as EOQ Quality System Manager og EOQ Quality Auditor.



Category and Procurement Director OTC/Commodities

Mette Yttervik

Mette YttervikMette Yttervik has the overall responsibility for category management, suppliers agreements and purchasing of all commodities and non prescription drugs. She has been with the company since 2005.

Mette holds a Bachelor of science in nursing from Molde University college and a Master of Management from BI, Norwegian Business School. She has previously worked both as a registered nurse, and with sales and marketing in the pharmaceutical industry, in GlaxoSmithKline and Orion Pharma.



Sales director B2B

Ingvild G. Mauseth

Ingvild G. MausethIngvild G. Mauseth has the overall responsibility for B2B costumers in Apotek 1 Gruppen AS. She has been employed in the company since April 2007.

Ingvild G. Mauseth has previously worked five years in Medeco AS, (now Mediq Norge AS) as Sales Manager. Mediq Norge AS is a supplier to the norwegian healthcare market within medical devices. She was responsible for sales and marketing in the primary health care market in Norway. Ingvild has also worked as Sales Manager in Norlandia Hotels.

Ingvild is Bachelor of marketing communications from BI Norwegian Business School.