Our values

Apotek 1's values and promises to you as a customer or employee: We are to be trustworthy, healthy, engaged and near you. Read more about our values and how we define them

Our values and vision


Through practical actions we show that we have knowledge and are to be trusted. The customers will recognise that we have safe and good products, and that we give thorough advice suited to the individual?s situation. We will behave in a way that inspires faith, and we will have respect for the responsibility we have towards individuals and society for that matter.


At Apotek 1 the customers will be inspired and motivated to take care of their own health. We shall be gentle, accommodating and give a good service. A pleasant tone is the best basis for a good conversation. Apotek 1 can be characterised by saying that we dare to think in new ways, and be surprising and inventive. We ought to say what we mean and challenge established truths.


Our business is important for daily health care. We at Apotek 1 want to be an important factor in the health service. This entails, among other things that we want to help people to take care of themselves and have better health and more wellbeing in daily life. We believe that with our knowledge we can give customers something extra. It is inspiring to work in a large chain with competent colleagues throughout the country.

We will all contribute to further develop Norway's leading and best chain of pharmacies.

Near to you

On a daily basis we experience and become involved in others problems and we must show respect and discretion in our work. A good atmosphere in the pharmacy, helpful and considerate employees are important in order to create trust and a sense of safety with our customers. We are an important part of people?s local community around the country.