Illustration: Work in Apotek 1

Work in Apotek 1

Each year Apotek 1 recruits several pharmacists from abroad in order to fill important vacancies in our pharmacies. If you want to work in Norway, it is advisable to start learning Norwegian as soon as possible. Each year many highly motivated and qualified pharmacists from other European countries learn the Norwegian language on their own initiative. By doing this, and applying for the authorization to work as a pharmacist in Norway, you may be offered great career opportunities in our pharmacies all over Norway.

  • Illustration: Become a no.1

    Become a no.1 pharmacist!

    Apotek 1 is the leading chain of pharmacies in Norway, and as such also the main employer of pharmacists. We have more than 300 pharmacies all over Norway and 3000 dedicated employees.

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    Norway and the pharmacy trade

    Surveys show that the Norwegian population has more faith in Norwegian pharmacies than other parts of the national health care system.

  • You'll find Apotek 1 all over Norway

    About Apotek 1

    Apotek 1 is Norway's leading chain of pharmacies. At each of our pharmacy's it is our ambition to do the best for our customers. 

  • Meet our pharmacist, Rafal

    Meet our pharmacist

    Learn about one of our foreign pharmacists and his experience with Apotek 1. Moving to a new country and learning a new language is exiting and offers many opportunities for personal and professional development.

  • Illustration: Competence development

    Competence development

    Translated into English our slogan says “Our knowledge – your safety”. We aim to satisfy our customer´s needs in a safe manner and provide good quality care.