Ship medicine

Apotek 1 offers pharmaceutical services to ships. Here's an overview of what Apotek 1 can offer. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

  • Baat i flaske

    Quality system

    All ships with quality management certificates cf. The Seaworthiness Act § 5 and accompanying regulations, can implement ships medicine in the safety system.

  • Services

    Apotek 1 offer a variety of professional pharmaceutical services for ships. Here is an overview.

  • Order system

    Apotek 1 has a flexible order system developed on the basis of wishes and requirements put forward by our clients. Orders can be dispatched by e-mail or telefax to all our pharmacies specialising in ships medicine along the coast of Norway.

  • Norgeskart

    National network

    Contact information for pharmacies providing ship medicine services in Norway. A total of 23 pharmacies along the coast are ready to give you the expertice of medicine on board.