Order system

Apotek 1 has a flexible order system developed on the basis of wishes and requirements put forward by our clients. Orders can be dispatched by e-mail or telefax to all our pharmacies specialising in ships medicine along the coast of Norway.

Worldwide deliveries of medicines and medical articles

Apotek 1 holds an export licence from The Norwegian Medicines Agency to replenish supplies of medicines and medical articles to Norwegian vessels worldwide. This ensures supplies of Norwegian preparations with regulation markings, thus ensuring safe and correct usage on board.

Ship's medicine for new-buildings from Apotek 1

Apotek 1 is a total supplier of goods and services in the field of ship's medicine. We supply complete ships medicine units for all types of vessels. You are cordially invited to contact our bid centre at Apotek 1 Norge, for a price estimate for new-buildings or upgrading of ship's medicine units.