Quality system

All ships with quality management certificates cf. The Seaworthiness Act § 5 and accompanying regulations, can implement ships medicine in the safety system.

Construction of the system

The Quality System for ship's medicine is made up of a ring binder containing procedures and a check list that enables the crew to carry out own control of the ship's medicine stocks, cf. § 22, second part in the regulations. The binder also includes a list of all items in the ship's medicine unit.  Together with the binder you will find a CD that also has an electronic product catalogue with photographs of all the products in the ship's medicine unit. This is an invaluable aid when implementing own inspections.

Norway's only authorised Inspection and Control Log for Narcotic Substances, cf. § 25 item b of the Regulations on ships medicine, is also included as part of the system. In addition to all the above, a medicines log is enclosed for recording all medicines used on board, cf. § 21 of the Regulations on ships medicine.

The system is based on that the ship's stocks of medicines and medical articles are replenished on the basis of orders issued by the crew. Orders can be placed via our order system for ships, by e-mail or by telefax. Apotek 1 holds an export licence from The Norwegian Medicines Agency to replenish supplies to Norwegian vessels worldwide.

Financial gains when introducing the system

The greatest financial incentive for implementing the system is a considerable reduction in costs in connection with the annual inspection of the ship's medicine stocks. This can now be accomplished by the crew instead of hiring professional services. Reduced costs in connection with external professional inspections, in that implementing the system means that this is only necessary every third year.

By entering into a purchasing agreement with Apotek 1, the ship owner will enjoy the advantages of discounts on goods and services supplied by Apotek 1. Ships in international waters will receive supplies of Norwegian preparations with regulation markings, thus ensuring correct usage.

Through own inspections carried out by the crew, the keeping qualities of the individual goods will be exploited to a higher degree in that it will be possible to replenish goods during the certification period.

Apotek 1 also offers follow-up services to the individual vessels with support by telephone and e-mail, and we can send reminders of due dates for own inspections. We can also offer sales statistics and following up meetings at the ship owner's offices.