Apotek 1 offer a variety of professional pharmaceutical services for ships. Here is an overview.

Apotek 1 offers the following pharmaceutical services to ships

Professional inspections of ships medicines, cf. § 22 n the Regulations on Ships Medicines. We send a qualified pharmacist on board to carry out a survey of how the ships medicine stores are handled on board. The survey is carried out in accordance with a checklist that documents the degree to which the administration of the stores and distribution of medicines is implemented inconformity with the Regulations on Ships Medicines.

A written report of the survey will be handed to the Captain showing any deviations that need attention. Documentation is issued confirming that the qualified inspector has carried out the on board survey. The survey results in a new ships medicines certificate.

We have a network of pharmacies along the full length of the Norwegian coast that specialise in ship’s medicine.

Annual audit of the ship's medicines stocks

If wished, we can check the whole stock of on board ships medicines. Goods that have exceeded their recommended usage dates and those that will do so in the near future will be removed from stock. A new order will be placed for medicines on the basis of usage and the items we have removed from stock. We also organise and mark the stocks in usage groups pursuant to the Regulations on ships medicine. The goods can either be delivered packed in user-groups, facilitating easy placement in marked medicine cabinets, or we can bring the order on board and place the goods in stock.

3-year certification of the ship's medicine unit

If the ship has a quality management certificate, cf. The Seaworthiness Act § 5 and accompanying regulations, the ship can implement Apotek 1's Quality System for ships medicine. The Quality System for ship’s medicine is an approved safety management system with procedures that make it possible for crews to carry out own inspections of the ships medicine stocks. This provides the basis for third year professional inspections. 

Guidelines for purchasing medicines abroad

We can send medical supplies for ships medicine from Norway to the majority of countries worldwide, but there will be occasions on which Norwegian ships will have to purchase medicines abroad. Our pharmacists will be pleased to provide advice and guidance on preparations purchased abroad. In many cases such preparations are unknown to the crew and are poorly marked. We have the necessary databases to identify the active ingredients and areas of use for the preparations.